Kayotics is a rider-owned skimboarding company founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2001.
We are the pioneers and the leaders of the new-school. Our high performance boards go hand and hand with our passion and dedication to continually innovate the sport and have fun while we're at it.


The beach is our sanctuary and our playground and we are dedicated to helping keep it clean.
We are not perfect but we are constantly researching new ways to produce our products or run our business with the lowest carbon footprint or waste. With a healthy planet we allow future generations to enjoy the love of skimboarding or simply being at the beach.


Inflatable pools, flooded fields, lakes, rivers and oceans. This is the growing list of places where people find their stoke on a skimboard. The sport has expanded far beyond my backyard and the participation levels are soaring worldwide.

More than ever people seem to be looking for a breath of fresh air to escape the daily grind or just to plant bare-feet into the earth again. We are proud to be a company that encourages playing outdoors while creating skimboarding communities across the planet.

As much as the act of skimboarding brings love and excitement, the simple feeling of sand between toes is why we do it.

So however you get your skim fix we look forward to seeing the next generation of skimboarders continue to embrace it and share the love.

John Minns - CEO & Founder