Questions About Board Care

We get a lot of people asking about how to take care of their skimboards in order to keep their boards in great condition season after season.

Skimboarding and sunshine go hand in hand so you are naturally going to have long days of skimboarding in the hot sunshine. Therefore your board will inevitably get beat on by the sun. A board can warp over time if you leave it too long flexed against something in the hot sun or even in the back of a hot car. It's always a good idea to keep your board out of the sun when not riding it to keep its original shape/rocker. So try to keep heavy objects off them while you are chilling out or chuck a towel over it to be extra safe.

If you purchase a board without EVA foam such as our channel one board it is a good idea to wax the top of it with brands like SexWax or Sticky Bumps. Adding wax to the top of your board will give you the grip you need to stay in control on your board.

If you are riding in the ocean it's always a good idea to rinse down your board after using it.


Have questions about shipping? These are some of the most common questions we get.

We ship all over the globe. If your country is not listed please contact us and we'll try to work out a custom price for your location.

We typically ship orders within 1 business day and the ship time depending on your location is roughly 2-3 business days for express and 3-5 for ground shipping.

Yes but please be advised we use a 3rd party shipping company to handle all our out going shipments. By picking up your board it will not be at a kayotics specific store or warehouse.

Returns Exchanges and Warranties

We back our boards and make sure our customers are happy with their purchase. Here are some questions you might have prior to purchasing.

Our boards are hard to break to the point of being unridable. We stand behind our product and will issue warranties & replacements on a case by case basis to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied. We typically look at the amount of times a board has been used and the issue with the board.

Anything wear and tear related we do not provide warranty. For example if you slam your board into a rock or a pvc pipe and it splits open, this is not something we would cover in under our warranty. Our boards will stand up to most things and still be ridable but we know speed + exposed rocks or obstacles can bang up a board pretty well and trust in the honesty of our customers.

If your board arrives broken in the mail we can definitely cover that. We just ask for some decent pictures and description of the damages.

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