Ontario has been one of the fastest growing Skimboarding scene in North America and maybe across the globe. What hides behind social media lies a grom scene and group of hardcore humans who Skimboard to the fullest the province provides. The Great Lakes provide a large amount of Skimboarding spots ranging from river mouths, spring creeks, shoreline sandbars, and the odd day a mixture of waves. Not to mention that Ontario features the worlds largest fresh water beach, Wasaga Beach, and the second largest, Sauble Beach. With thousands of kilometres of Great Lakes shoreline and inland lakes still to be explored Ontario should be on any Skimboarding trip bucket list.

Chantry Beach

Chantry Beach located in Southampton Ontario provides great views and endless sandbars on Lake Huron. Located behind the shoals and Chantry Island lighthouse the sheltered beach allows for skimboarding even on a Great Lakes wave day. Free parking is available at the Island street parking lot and South street lot as well as the end of Bay street. When skimboarding in Ontario this is a must go to spot.



Inverhuron Ontario located on Lake Huron features one of the best river mouth locations to skimboard in Ontario. Located just outside the Ontario surf capital, Kincardine Ontario, Inverhuron allows for season long skimboarding and low numbers of tourists. Free parking is available on the south side of the river or paid parking on the north side within the Provincial park.

Rouge Beach

Rouge Beach on the city limits of Toronto Ontario provides some of the best skimboarding on Lake Ontario in the Great Lakes system. At the mouth of the Rouge River and Valley the sand sets up as a tidal pool off the connection of the river to Lake Ontario. When skimboarding in Toronto this spot may be away from the city vibes, but provides season long skimboarding. The fall is also Salmon fishing season and the fisherman are not too fond of skimboarding

Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach Ontario is the 2nd longest freshwater beach in the world, only Wasaga Beach Ontario is larger. With 11 kilometers of freshwater and sandy shores Sauble Beach is a skimboarders paradise. When skimboarding in Sauble Beach you will find fresh water spring creeks with a mix of sandbars along the shore. The north half of Sauble Beach has paid parking along Lakeshore Blvd. and the southern section of the beach which is on the lands of the Saugeen First Nation and parkings is available for on the beach (water level dependant).

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach is the world's largest freshwater beach, and a skimboarders paradise. Spanning a whooping 14 kilometers long the amount of creeks and sandbars creates skimboarding spots all down the coast. When skimboarding in Wasaga beach parking is available throughout the shoreline community, but we would recommend staying away from the popular tourist area in the middle of town (way too crowded for a safe skim).

Woodbine Beach

Woodbine Beach in downtown Toronto Ontario is an escape from the city reality. When skimboarding in Toronto this spot is a must try. Spring and fall are the best conditions on the beach due to the formation of “the puddle” and the lower number of beach users. A quick subway or bus ride from the base of the CN Tower to Woodbine beach is under ten minutes and parking is available within Woodbine Park.