Trever Gatto

Trever Gatto

Age- 33

Home town- Vancouver B.C..

Local spot- Wreck Beach & Spanks

Sponsors- Kayotics

Board of choice- Pro Series Large

Homies?- The Wreck Beach &

Spanks crews (the old and new)

Dream trick?- Superman

Most underated trick?- Shuv indy

Favourite trick?- Bankslides

Why did you start skimin?

Tried it once when I was quite young, but didn’t pick it up until a buddy wanted to try it and we went to Wreck Beach. Fell in love with skimming and the whole lifestyle.

What influences your riding?

Watching others push themselves whether a beginner or a pro. It all gets me stoked!

Words to live by-

If you’re not falling you’re not trying hard enough.

Season plans-

Spending a lot of time skimming with my baby and wife at Wreck Beach and Spanish Banks.


Obviously to Minns for everything he has done with Kayotics and skimming over the years, as well as all the other riders and companies (whether still around or not) all over the world making this such a dope international community