Niko Pavlakos

Niko Pavlakos

Age- 20

Home town- Port Moody BC.

Local spot- White Rock

Sponsors- Kayotics Skimboards

Board of choice- Pro Series Small

Homies?- Skimcamp gang

Most overdone trick?- 3 shuvs (I’m guilty)

Most undderated trick?- Frontside 3 shuvs

Dream trick?- Kickflip

Why did you start skimin?

I started skimboarding when I was really young because my aunt and my uncle really liked it so me and my younger brother gave it a try!!

What influences your riding?

Snowboarding and skateboarding really influence my riding

Words to live by-

Send it/ just giv’er

Season plans-

Skim as much as possible, teach camps to spread the stoke, meet new people and learn new tricks!!


Shoutout to Leo from Germany who really coached me into riding rails and learning new tricks! He helped me get where I am today and he helped me get hooked up with kayotics!!