Flatland Skimboarding vs Wave Skimboarding

What is the difference between flatland skimboarding and wave skimboarding? There are two major differences between flatland and wave skimboarding. Flatland skimboarding takes part in shallow tidal pools that are only a few inches deep. Flatland skimboarding is also more comparable to skateboarding as you have the ability to skimboard on features such as ramps, boxes, rails and more. Wave skimboarding on the other hand is similar to surfing. When Wave skimboarding you run off the beach and skimboard straight out attempting to turn around and ride a crashing beach wave back in. The second major difference between the two skimboarding options is the boards. Flatland skimboards are heavier and less buoyant as well as come in many different shapes and sizes compared to a wave skimboard where there is generally speaking one shape similar to a surfboard.