2024 Letter From Our Founder

2024 Letter From Our Founder

As the founder, Rider and owner of our company, I am inspired by our shared love for skimboarding and driven by our commitment to innovation, quality and community:

At Kayotics, our mission is to elevate the sport of skimboarding while fostering a global community of riders who share our passion for adventure, camaraderie, and stoke.

Our journey began at the beach, where skimboarding became our sanctuary, our escape from the ordinary. From those humble be- ginnings, we’ve pioneered what has now become a beloved sport worldwide. Our adventures in the Philippines and Thailand last year reaffirmed our belief in the growing potential of skimboarding and fueled our determination to push its boundaries further.

We take pride in our role as innovators in the sport through our products and our actions. This was exemplified by the successful soft launch of our Enduro Series boards last season. These boards represent the culmination of our dedication to craftsmanship and technical excellence, setting a new standard for flatland performance.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to unveil our latest innovation: the Shoreline Series. Embracing change and evolution, this series intro- duces a new iconic shape, reflecting our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and performance.

But beyond our products, it’s the people who drive us forward. From riders like Kelbin, championing the sport in his hometown to now being a staple in the skim community in Vancouver, to partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our values, our community fuels our excitement and inspiration.

As our Skimboarding camps continue to thrive. It is a true testament to the promising future for children who crave beach outings and outdoor adventures.

We’re also proud to support pioneers like Semjon, who are pushing the sport forward by running programs in skim pools across Eu- rope, further expanding the reach and accessibility of skimboarding.

As we continue on this journey, our mission remains unchanged: to have fun, work hard, and spread the stoke wherever and however it may be found. Together, let’s keep pushing the boundaries keep a tight crew and and keep a perfect balance of skimboards and lifestyles.

See you at the beach. Founder & Owner,

John Minns