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Kayotics skimboards is a grassroots, rider-owned company started in Vancouver, Canada. Our boards are backed up by the finest flatland skimboarding team in the world. Kayotics also provides apparel to spread the vibe on and off the beach. We are a movement front-running a new era of skimboarding, setting standards and raising the bar for the next generation of skimboarding. By purchasing our products you are helping to put the power in the hands of the creators and innovators who will continue to produce the best possible products for you and your lifestyle…



White Rock Beach Cam

Jericho Beach Cam



Beauty of a day #skimboarding at #wreckbeach #vancouver #skim #vancity #skimvancity #irideforfun #kayotics end of November and only needed shorts and booties

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@jasonleeglass / My brother @kayotics is always showing tons of positivity on the ig both through word usage and his glass photos. If I will take anything away from being on ig (as if I could ever leave,, lol) it would definitely be the amazing people that I have met all over the country and furthermore the world. It is friends like @kayotics that add fuel to my future path of creation. All types of creation, this one type happens to be friendship. It's all about the creation and the journey, the journey is always important. Just have to keep on keeping on and whenever something negative occurs just remember the words of the master Kurt Vonnegut, "so it goes" connect with something today, and make it count.

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Way back when? March 2009 #tbt #viclife #skim #ditchshred #ghettojib #motionblur #kayotics #skimboard @mylesdelange @kayoticsskimboards

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